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Hi! My name is Matt Paponetti, I am the owner/dye master here at Beefy Dyes. It’s been a wild ride getting here so let me give you a little background on who I am and what we are about at Beefy Dyes.


Though born in Michigan, I’ve been living in south Florida most of my life. Growing up I was always a competitive athlete, playing football and lacrosse from an early age through high school. I eventually went on to play division II lacrosse at the collegiate level. My athletic pursuits as a player came to a close after two ACL tears. I spent the next 10 years coaching high school lacrosse. Almost all at St Thomas Aquinas school in FT Lauderdale Florida. During this time I discovered disc golf through some old high school friends. As with most competition, I was hooked immediately. It’s been about 4 years since then and I’ve met so many new people that I now call friends.


I had dyed discs for myself and friends in the past. Mostly shaving dyes. It was a hobby that I eventually grew out of. Like many, Covid-19 shutdowns reignited my interest in disc golf and eventually disc dyeing. I combed all the forums and watched all the YouTube videos I could find. I bought a cheap turntable on Facebook market place and started doing spin dyes and eventually my first glue bed. A few hundred discs later and here we are. Beefy dyes!


The reception from the disc golf community has been so overwhelmingly positive. I look forward to growing and developing as a disc dye artist and business owner.

TEAm beefy dyes
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Cole Wehrheim

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Max Caico

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Kris Morita

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Robbie Squire

The skirt steak street team

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